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News and Updates The latest stories from RAS Systems

Find the latest news from RAS Systems here. We’ll keep you up to date on RAS machines, our company, and industry news and developments here with engaging and educational articles.

RAS Systems at the 2020 International Roofing Expo in Dallas

Join us February 4th-6th at the 2020 International Roofing Expo in Dallas!

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Digitization is a top priority!

District Administrator Roland Bernhard discusses digitization in companies with RAS.

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RAS is official partner of KUKA

As in previous years, RAS was again appointed as an official partner of KUKA.

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RAS basic sales training 2019

Basic sales training 2019 for new and established RAS sales partners

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RAS Cooperation with Gottlieb-Daimler-School 1 from Sindelfingen

Yesterday the RAS cooperation started with the Gottlieb-Daimler School 1 engineering class from Sindelfingen.

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Production Program: Additional languages

Apart from German and English the actual RAS Production Program is now also available in different languages.

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RAS Sales Meeting 2017

Our worldwide sales partners are now well prepared and fully motivated for upcoming trade shows and customer projects.

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New "Production Program" catalog

We present our new catalog about the RAS production program.

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New RAS Website

Welcome to our new homepage.

We have given the page a fresh look. But that's not all ...

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