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A dream come true!

The one click programming software is intuitive and ingenious! Simply import a STEP file of the part by Drag & Drop into the software. That's it! Just click with the mouse and the software programs the entire folding sequence automatically. If there are several ways to bend the part, the software suggests the best folding sequence. A simulation shows the program cycle in 3D.

  • Import of STEP files with automatic recognition of bend lines and bend parameters (Alternatively: DXF, DWG or GEO)
  • Automatic part programming
  • 3D folding sequence simulation
  • No bending expertise required



Bending sequence

Bending up and down

  • No material flipping required
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Automatic folding sequences
  • Short cycle times

PosLift gauging system

Versitile gauging of parts

The UpDownCenter offers numerous options for squaring and gauging the blanks. But no worry: The software calculates the best gauging option automatically and proposes it to the operator. If the operator selects another possibility, the program will be adapted immediately.

  • Right and left stopper head with 3 stop positions
  • Squaring the blank using notches
  • Squaring the blank using the outer edge
  • Squaring the blank using pre-bent flanges
  • Folding beam used as a stop for oblique parts
  • Pop-up squaring arm for parts being narrow and long 
  • Safety light beam and colored LED access indicator

Position parts with ultimate accuracy

After squaring the parts the suction cups of the gauging system take over the blank and position the workpiece with an accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm for each bend. The UpDownCenter finishes one side of the part before the operator turns the blank to the next side.

  • Easy operation. The part rests on gauging system
  • Also thin and flexible blanks are easy to handle
  • Safe and ergonomic operation
  • No exhausting part lifting and holding
  • A single operator bends even large and heavy parts just by himself
  • 8 vacuum module pads with 22 suckers each hold the part safely
  • 10 front suction cups for positioning very narrow parts
  • Suction cups for small parts expand the range of applications
  • 12 suction circuits for optimum energy efficiency
  • Software detects holes in parts and calculates the vacuum level
  • Vacuum pump generates the required compressed air
  • Vacuum modules lower for part rotation
  • J-shape table extension supports large workpieces

Quick tool change

The two gripper arms of the tool changer take the tools from the magazine and place them precisely in the upper beam. Fast set-up times lead to high productivity and low unit costs. With the UpDownCenter basic, the upper beam tools are setup manually under the instruction of the software.

  • Small batches can be bent profitably
  • Software calculates fastest setup strategy
  • Tools change also within the folding cycle (bending long before short side)
  • Asymmetrical tool setup possible 
  • Tool magazine left and right
  • Automatic tool clamping


Upper beam tools

The upper beam tools of UpDownCenter-2 are segmented. This allows the tools to be individually setup for each part length. With tool heights of up to 400 mm, the machine is also ready for deep boxes and enclosures.

  • Tool heights 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm and 400 mm
  • Bending deep four-sided parts
  • Tools with heel for closing hems

Roto-foot corner tools

The roto-foot corner tools can rotate in and out from pre-bent side flanges.

  • Enlarged application range
  • Four-sided parts with lateral C-bends can be bent
  • Set up by tool changer
  • Flexible position within the working length

Folding beam tools

The folding beam tools of the UpDownCenter-2 are also segmented to allow slots for protruding flanges or tabs.

  • Variety of tool widths for small Z dimensions and large sheet thicknesses
  • Programmed folding beam pendulum when changing bending direction
  • No manual replacement of pendulum stops required
  • Two directions of use for front or rear tool free space
  • Fast setup, high productivity, low unit costs
  • Automatic folding beam tool clamping


The UpDownTools can be programmed for three different working heights. This allows bending of tabs, window bends, oblique blanks, etc.

  • Maximum part design flexibility
  • Different height positions of the UpDownTools right and left
  • Different height positions of the UpDownTools also on one side
  • Quick set-up (tools are automatically clamped)


Latest safety systems

The UpDownCenter-2 is equipped with the latest two-channel safety systems.

  • Safety light beam at the stop: no access in the automatic sequence
  • Colored LED access indicator on the gauging system
  • Sliding door on the cell side when working from the gauging system
  • Safety light curtain when working from both sides
  • Colored LED access display at the cell (with light barrier)
  • Protection element prevents access when changing tools
  • Protection element automatically opens for removal of high parts