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Bending deep electrical cabinets

Alphatec Schaltschranksysteme GmbH produces cabinets for the electrical industry. These include meter cabinets, media columns and converter cabinets, e.g. for photovoltaic systems. About 35 percent are custom-made cabinets in small batches. For bending Alphatec uses a RAS UpDownCenter bending center. This panel bender bends the blanks up and down, automatically creates the part programs and sets up the tools with an automatic tool changer.

Bending large architectural facades cassettes

The company Les Ateliers de Yèbles as a job shop has specialized in the production of facade elements. The requests of the architects sometimes are very special and constantly require new part design variations from the technical department at Yèbles. Flexibility is also needed in production as the production quantities often only range between ten and forty identical parts. The RAS UpDownCenter meets these requirements brilliantly.

When quantity 1 becomes the rule

The von Arb AG SAS produces sound proof enclosures. In addition, the company has established itself as a highly flexible job shop. Even special orders can usually be provided with same day delivery. "If you want to produce single customized parts, you have to consider machines that can handle Step files and automatically program the component," says Roman von Arb and adds: "For small production batches, alternating bending directions, large formats and heavy parts the UpDownCenter is unbeatable."

Complex doors programmed automatically

Even for very complex door geometries, the Bendex 1-click programming software automatically creates  the bending programs. The safety door panels folded on three or four-sides just will be pushed in each other during assembly.   [Video]

Geerds relies on UpDown technology

Geerds Metallbau GmbH has gained more than 40 years of experience and expertise in facade projects. The facade specialists from Groß Welzin pair innovative product design with the latest production technology. The RAS UpDownCenter completes the performance spectrum of this leading supplier in facade technology. The Bendex one-click software programs the parts with a single mouse click. With an automatic tool change and scratch-free folding, Geerds is able to create complex and optically demanding components in small quantities and highly profitable.

Technology follows design

The Roessler GmbH from Mertendorf in Germany is a job shop that specializes in enclosures of machine tools. The variety of housings and small batch quantities requires high production flexibility and a high level of vertical integration. When Roessler's customers changed their product to a design with large radii, the previous production with press brakes reached its limits. Today, a RAS UpDownCenter folding system bends the radii automatically.