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XXL-Center and Bendex open up new business segments

On their homepage, Schuetze GmbH reports that they have invested in a slitting line and a state-of-the-art XXL-Center long double folding machine. This allows them to produce and deliver profiles for roofs and walls quicker and more economically. The secret of success is, however, the organization in the background using the Bendex.professional software. Only the combination of machine and software led to this achieved efficiency.   [more]

Made for speed

In 2014, Feilmeier AG wanted to acquire an additional long bending center with bidirectional bending; they wanted a machine that can bend the metal both up and down without any flipping of the part required. Key to their decision to purchase a RAS XXL-Center was the fully integrated Bendex-Software, which automatically programs the parts. The firm’s owner Ludwig Feilmeier had a clear vision of what he expected from his new machine. The large space in front of the folding beam allows Feilmeier to bend parts that they could not offer before.

XXL-Center at H&H Architectural Metals

Jim Huff, owner of H&H Architectural Metals from Denver proudly says: "In the past we needed 20 minutes with 2 people to bend a complicated gutter. With the RAS XXL-Center we run 2 gutters at a time in 2 1/2 minutes with a single person." Machine operator Kevin pulls two metal blanks from the side onto the  machine's sheet support tables. The XXL-Center automatically squares the blanks and runs the parts completely automated. Jim Huff says with a smile: "35 years ago, my wife Kathy and I founded H&H Architectural Metals with $ 6 and 38 cents starting capital." Today the company operates in their own 5500 sqm building with the latest machinery equipment. The succession is also secured by son Chad Huff.

XXL-Center at SCHRAG: Now also in 8 meter length ...

The well-known SCHRAG Group is specialized in the production and distribution of roof and wall profiles for industrial buildings. In order to achieve their goals of reliability, speed and quality, the SCHRAG Group uses several XXL-Center long folding center from RAS which automatically programs the profiles. Technical director Bernd Wurmbach has noted: "If we run a 0.75 mm part 5 meters long with six to seven bends, the XXL-Center is about 50% faster than our other bending machines." 

Quick and accurate

In November 2002 FN Profilblech Center GmbH from Bad Rappenau, Germany, installed a RAS XXL-Center. Today the specialist for folded roof and wall parts cannot imagine how they were able to run their business without the high-performing long folding center. What took three shifts on a press and a traditional long folder before, is now completed in one and a half shifts on the XXL-Center.

XX-fast with XXL-Center

Since March 2002 Rudolf Wiegmann Umformtechnik from Bersenbrueck in Germany
have produced folded profiles for roof and wall with an XXL-Center from RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau GmbH. The sheet metal specialist processes 2500 tons of coil material and 200 tons of blanks per year. A well equipped steel and aluminum warehouse, fast and precise production, as well as their own assembly company made the Wiegmann Group a respected and reliable partner in the industrial building industry.