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Durable machine table

The wide support surface at the run-in and run-out side of the machine supports the air duct components. A wear-resistant pressure piece at the forming point ensures the long lifetime of the forming station. An additional spring steel insert in the table plate reduces wear caused by plasma-cut metal sheets.

Flexible forming

The forming rolls of the RAS flanging machine can create different flange heights - matching the required joints. For Pittsburgh joints flange heights of 8 and 10 mm should be selected. Snap-lock joints require flange heigths of 10 and 11.5 mm. The automatic sheet guide simplifies the workflow so that even less experienced operators achieve constant forming results.

Solution for snap-lock joints

The counterpart to the snap-lock seam is the cam-standing seam. After the flange has been turned up in the first pass, the topattachment head cuts the cams and forms them. Fast. Consistant. Profitable.

Suitable speed

The working speed can be adjusted. The speed thus ideally adapts to the working conditions. While new operators prefer a slower speed, the specialists can produce the parts faster. For large air duct components, a slower speed might also be prefered.