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Adjustable for common seams

The common seams in the air duct production are the Pittsburgh seam, the Snap-Lock seam and the Standing seam. If the VENTIrounder is equipped for all three seam types, it can be adjusted with a few simple steps.

  • 12 hardened and moveable forming rolls on each shaft
  • Upper forming rollers knurled for safe material transport
  • Bottom/rear forming rollers plane (mark-free outside elbow cheek)
  • Table and forming rolls for Pittsburgh seam
  • Table and forming rolls for Pittsburgh, Snap-Lock and Standing seams
  • Tables with scale for quickl and easy adjustment
  • Plug-in guiding rails for inside and outside cheeks

Simple operation

After the forming rolls and the guiding rails are pushed together to the approximate width of the blank rounding can start.

  • Handwheel for sensitive adjustment of the rear shaft
  • Stiffening pliers ensure consistant rounding radius
  • Foot switch for variable speed
  • Foot switch for direction changes