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Panel bender: Multibend-Center RAS 79.22

Pre-used machine. Factory refurbished. Initial built year 1997
Partially new machine components. Partially new tools.

  • The previous customer bought a new Multibend-Center
  • Machine was used for light gauge application only
  • The used machine had been completely disassembled and refurbished by RAS
  • Tools are used but mostly in good condition
  • Blanks will be loaded manually
  • The buffer station is a new component
  • RAS provides a 6 months warranty

     Technical Data: Multibend-Center RAS 79.22

  • Blank length max 2160 mm
  • Blank width max 1500 mm
  • Sheet thickness max 2.0 mm (depends on tools)
  • Box height four-sided max 203 mm

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