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RAS machines for: Elevators and escalators

Automated folding of elevator panels

The Société Giennoise de Chaudronnerie (SGC) is a job shop for sheet metal parts equipped with state-of-the-art production machines. The company focuses on automation and specializes in elevator components. With the RAS Multibend-Center, SGC not only operates an extremely productive bending center but has also connected this bending cell to an automated storage system and loads the blanks with their own robotic solution.

Bending four-sided elevator automatically

The video shows the panel bender Multibend-Center RAS 79.31-2 folding elevator doors. The panel bender first bends the long sides followed by the short sides of the elevator door panel. Flexibility and speed are extremely impressive.

machine model: Multibend-Center

Kit production of elevators

The MiniFeeder is an automation component for the RAS Multibend-Center. During the elevator kit production at Otis in Spain, the 9 panels of an elevator car are provided to the bending center stacked on a pallet. A scanner reads the barcode, attached to each blank and loads the bending program. The MiniFeeder automatically activates the number of suction cups matching the blank width.

machine model: Multibend-Center

Trumpf-RAS: Bending elevator doors

The video shows the direct connection between a TruPunch 3000 and a Multibend-Center RAS 79.26-2 at a Thyssen elevator group company in China. The RAS MiniFeeder pulls the blanks from the punching table. The intelligent loading robot (no teaching, no programming) flips the blanks before they get to the panel bender.

machine model: Multibend-Center
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